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SafetyCam is a groundbreaking product designed to protect the integrity and safety of your driving fleet. In an industry where 70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers, SafetyCam acts as your most accurate and reliable witness. By capturing high-quality video footage of every incident, SafetyCam provides irrefutable evidence to determine the true cause of any road mishap.

This vital tool not only aids in exonerating your drivers from wrongful blame but also ensures a fair analysis of events, potentially leading to reduced insurance premiums and legal liabilities. With SafetyCam installed in your vehicles, you can enhance driver accountability, encourage safer driving practices, and maintain a transparent record of on-road occurrences, thereby protecting your fleet's reputation and operational efficiency.

Fleet Pins GPS HD SafetyCam

SafetyCam offers several key benefits for fleet management and driving safety:

  • Accident Accountability: Provides clear evidence to determine fault in accidents, protecting drivers from wrongful blame.
  • Insurance Benefits: Potentially lowers insurance premiums by proving non-fault incidents with accurate, timestamped footage.
  • Enhanced Safety: Encourages safer driving practices through continuous monitoring, reducing the likelihood of accidents.
  • Legal Protection: Offers concrete evidence in legal disputes, saving time and legal fees.
  • Improved Training: Allows review of footage for driver feedback and training, enhancing overall driving performance.
  • Increased Transparency: Builds trust with clients and stakeholders through transparent operations.

Fleet Pins GPS HD SafetyCam provide an integrated solution that delivers real benefits that help reduce risk, coach drivers and improve safety.

Features of Safetycam

Enhanced Safety Monitoring with Safetycam

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1080pHD video resolution for detail and clarity

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155° front-facing viewing angle, 120° driver-facing viewing angle (Dual-facing option only)

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Dual-facing and Front facing camera options

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Harsh Event Recording Braking, Acceleration, Turning, Crashes

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Camera auto-uploads footage 6 seconds before and 4 seconds after each harsh driving event.

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48-70 hours of 1080p footage (can be extended by configuring video quality) recording

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Video event playback for risky events

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Built-in microphone and speaker

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WiFi (WiFi-Direct)

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Store up to 128 GB

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Powered through HW, CLA or OBD-II cable

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On-demand video retrieval from available footage

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Benefits of Safetycam

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Reduce Risk & cost of Accidents

Reduce the risk and cost of accidents that goes far beyond repair costs and insurance deductibles.

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Unsafe Driving Activity

Get visibility into unsafe driving activity with event-generated videos within Fleet Pins GPS HD Fleet.

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Identify & Coach High-Risk Drivers

Identify and coach high-risk drivers better to get them the help they need before accidents occur.

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Get The Whole Picture

Get the whole picture and quickly investigate what happen before and after harsh driving events.

Key Features of Safetycam

Introducing Safetycam: Revolutionizing Fleet Safety Management

High-Resolution Video Recording

SafetyCam captures clear, detailed footage in full HD, ensuring that every element of an incident is visible and verifiable, even in low-light conditions.

Real-Time Incident Alerts

Equipped with advanced sensors, SafetyCam instantly detects collisions or sudden braking events, sending real-time alerts to fleet managers and initiating automatic recording.

360-Degree Coverage

With options for both forward-facing and optional additional cameras, SafetyCam provides comprehensive coverage around the vehicle, leaving no blind spots in the recorded footage.

Tamper-Proof Storage

Videos are securely stored in encrypted formats, making it impossible to alter or delete without proper authorization, ensuring the integrity of the footage for legal or review purposes.

Easy Integration and Installation

SafetyCam is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing fleet management systems and is easy to install, minimizing vehicle downtime and operational disruptions.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Incorporating features like lane departure warnings and proximity alerts, SafetyCam not only records but actively helps in preventing accidents.

Cloud Accessibility

Footage can be accessed remotely via a cloud-based platform, allowing for easy review and management from anywhere, which is crucial for timely decision-making and response.

Safetycam Gallery Highlights

Capturing Moments, Ensuring Safety: Safetycam Gallery Highlights