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Fleet pins offer customized API and Fleet SDK integration consultancy for your team management. Get maximum value and automate the process safely by connecting our cloud API and SDK to your internal system. The data collected from the different vehicles and processed into our fleet management software will be automatically integrated into your internal software or even on your website. The GPS coordinates of the vehicles are used for calculating arrival-departure time, exact vehicle location, for successful integration with logistics operators CRM software and billing systems.

API (application programming interface) is a short form of comprehensive code and modules developed to provide a smooth interface for a software program to interact with other programs. API's save a lot of effort and time for developers to make changes in their code to get successful integrations for desired results.

Fleet pins offer fully customized solutions to resolve every type of technical and configuration issues. Get full technical support and consultancy to set up your GPS tracking systems. Whether you have some old hardware to connect it with GPS trackers or having some issue in integration with the latest equipment, we will help you to integrate GPS trackers in your internal system seamlessly with our API’s library. Maximize your operations and increase the efficiency of your system through our API’s. Make successful integrations with various third-party tools, CRM’s and billing systems flawlessly with Fleetpins to increase efficiency and productivity.

Develop your customized solutions according to your hardware specifications and configuration with our Software Development Kit (SDK). SDK is a complete set of tools to develop a custom application tailored to meet your specific requirements. With Fleet pins SDK you can build your own fully customized applications to have seamless integration and configuration options according to your requirements.