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AI Standalone Safetycam

The AI dashcam offers fleets of all sizes a powerful device to enhance driver and fleet safety. Designed using first-hand insights from fleet managers, it is equipped with multi-sensor HD cameras providing fleets with access to live and recorded video evidence of harsh driving incidents. Using artificial intelligence and computer vision, the dashcam detects distracted driving, driver drowsiness, and unsafe driving behaviors, assisting drivers with real-time audio and visual alerts.

The AI dashcam grows with your fleet’s needs and works seamlessly with Fleet Pins Fleet and Fleet Pins FleetMobile to provide an integrated solution that delivers real benefits, helping to reduce risk, coach drivers, and improve safety.

Briostack Integration for Enhanced Fleet Management

Briostack enables users to integrate Fleet Pins GPS devices within the application, providing a range of benefits:

  • Track vehicles in real-time on a map.
  • View vehicle positions in relation to scheduled work on a map.
  • View vehicle locations in relation to an individual location on a map.
  • Produce reports comparing planned versus actual routing.
  • View breadcrumb paths on reports for vehicles for each day.
  • Take advantage of enhanced Fleet Pins features outside of Briostack.

This integration enhances fleet management capabilities, providing greater visibility and control over fleet operations.

Specifications of AI Standalone Safetycam

The AI Standalone Safetycam is an innovative solution designed to enhance fleet safety and driver performance.

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Road Camera

Full HD video, 1080p with 140° wide angle for detail and clarity

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Driver Camera

720p wide angle with infrared for improved night vision

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Events detected

Monitors braking, acceleration, vibration, tampering, cornering, impacts.

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Multiple Cameras

Connect up to 3 auxiliary cameras for side and rear views

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Camera auto-uploads footage 5 seconds before and after each harsh driving event

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Unlimited on-demand video retrieval

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Powered through 5V USB power connector with options to connect to 12v-24V through OBD2 or fuse connectors

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Panic button for manual recording

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WiFi Hotspot, LTE 3G/4G Support

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Store up to 128 GB

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Video assisted install in less than 10 mins

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On-demand video retrieval from available footage*

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Benefits of AI Standalone Safetycam

Unlocking Next-Level Safety Benefits of AI Standalone Safetycam

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Improved Safety

By providing real-time alerts and coaching, SafetyCam AI Edition helps to improve driver behavior and reduce the risk of accidents.

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Reduced Costs

By reducing accidents and insurance claims, SafetyCam AI Edition can help fleets save money on repair costs and insurance premiums.

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Boost Efficiency

The integration with Fleet Pins Fleet and Fleet Pins FleetMobile allows fleet managers to streamline their operations and improve overall efficiency.

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SafetyCam AI Edition helps fleets comply with safety regulations and standards, reducing the risk of fines and penalties.

Key Features of AI Standalone Safetycam

Introducing the AI Standalone Safetycam: Revolutionizing Fleet Safety with Intelligent Monitoring

Live Streaming

Provides live streaming of the road and driver's view, allowing fleet managers to monitor driver behavior in real-time.

Distracted Driver Detection

Utilizes facial recognition technology to detect distracted driving behavior, such as cellphone use or eating, and provides real-time alerts to the driver.

Driver Coaching

Offers personalized coaching based on individual driving behavior data, helping to improve driver performance and reduce risky driving behaviors.

Event Reconstruction

Allows fleet managers to quickly investigate incidents by providing access to video footage before and after harsh driving events.

Cloud Storage

All video footage is stored securely in the cloud, providing easy access and retrieval when needed.

Integration with Fleet Management Software

Seamlessly integrates with Fleet Pins Fleet and Fleet Pins FleetMobile, providing a comprehensive fleet management solution.

Automated Reporting

Generates detailed reports on driver behavior, including instances of harsh driving events and adherence to safety protocols.

Enhanced Security

Features such as ignition detection and tamper detection ensure that the camera is always operational and recording when needed.

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